Monday, March 28, 2011

"The Colors of a Summer Night II"

36"x18" diptych - oil on canvas NFS

This is a painting of a sunset I captured one summer over 4th Lake, Old Forge,'s where my husband grew up, the Adirondacks. For the past 22 years this is where we spend our summer vacations. I hope our kids keep the tradition going when they have their own children. It's a beautiful peaceful place! We have many wonderful memories of family and friends there.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"City the Kitty" edited

12"x16" oil on canvas

City the Kitty has his on fb wall. One of his moms, Lori Shepler, is a wonderful professional photographer and captures City doing a lot of silly stuff. About a week ago City posted on his wall that he wanted to see himself sketched or painted. So, I decided to take him up on it. After all, I did have a wonderful photo to go by. I'm very happy with the final piece and I believe City will be too. The back ground I layed down on the first try. That almost never happens. The bowl came last as I wasn't sure how to handle it. This is when I stopped thinking and just spread the paint and the magic happened. I had some left eye issues, but found my problem, placement of the highlight. This is why practice makes perfect, well almost. Lori is going to take our family pictures of us on the beach. I just need to set a date. Not that we have horrible weather here in OC, but spring seems like a good time for it.

I decided to let this painting rest for a week and went back to it and saw what my issues where. I'm very happy with the out come. I even put in copper paint in his eyes...only can appreciate it looking at actual painting.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


8"x8" oil on gallery wrapped canvas SOLD

This is Mojo. He was a joy to paint. His owner is my cuz, well my cuz's wife, she's my family too. I might tweak his whiskers a bit more, but for now I feel he's complete and looking great. I think she'll approve.

I'm on to the next orange tabby and will post pictures of my process with that painting.