Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Raven in the Woods"

8"x8" oil on canvas

This one speaks for itself, colorful. I had fun with dotting the leaves freely on this one. Very loosly done which I enjoy doing in between some of my more detailed works.

"Light as a Feather"

8"x10" on Ampersand board

I loved working on this smooth surface; my paint feathered so smoothly over the surface. I will definately use this board again, especially for other feather paintings. This is actually my first, detailed feather I've ever done. I did a small 2x3 real quick, but I won't count that.

"Flag of Freedom 2"

8"x10" oil on panel

This is a smaller version of the flag I just recently finished and framed. I enjoyed keeping my strokes painterly on this one and in some areas adding colors you wouldn't think would work.

"The Three Stooges"

"16x20" oil on canvas

Pears are one fruit that I don't get sick of painting. If I feel like painting something I don't have to think about I usually turn to these to paint. I did have these in three shades of pear colors, but it wasn't working. They harmonize now.

Monday, April 23, 2012


"10x10" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

This guy was fun to paint! I put the background under color down and like it so much I kept it. It's so fun to paint black, there are so many colors that reflect on it. He might fly east, still waiting to find out.