Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Laguna Keyhole"

12"x9" oil on canvas panel - in progress

Over this past weekend I attended a one day workshop with Greg LaRock and he was so kind to critique this painting for me. He gave me some great tips. So, I've been working on this to get the atmosphere right and get my water to "lay down" the way it should. It's slowly getting there.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Shadow Boxing"

16"x12" oil on canvas - Finally complete!!

I'm happy how this came out. Adding the hightlights and details always makes a difference. I loved painting the old leather. The color is pretty acurate in this photo. I did sign it to the left, but softened it as my eye directly went to it.

"No Stopping Any Time"(Crystal Cove)

8"x6" oil on panel (in progress)

My friend P.K. and I went to Crystal Cove a couple of Fridays ago. It turned out to be windy on the beach so we set up in front of the strip of old garages where the wind didn't blow. We of course had lunch first at the Beachcomer Cafe, yum! I did a color study not thinking I'd continue on with it, but once in the studio I dabbled with it and this is how it's coming. I love the character of these old buildings. This pic is a little blurry. I think I'm starting to get my groove with plein air painting. Practice, practice, practice!

Friday, February 13, 2009

"Pearing Up"

8"x6" oil on canvas panel

Finally complete. Added highlights and bruising, as all things aren't perfect!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


P.K. (she's a beautiful person inside and out) and I

Miya (Moo) and Brookline - very entertaining duo!

My new friend, P.K. and her two girls, Miya and Brookline came to visit. I met P.K. at my last workshop and we hit it off. She is a very talented artist! It's wonderful to share our passion for art, along with our life stories. Of course, much laughter was involved!! We origninally had plans to plein air paint on Friday, but it rained. So, we went and had our toes painted instead, had great conversation with wine, and a homecooked meal, compliments of my hubby. Her girls got along with my girl, Roxy. My boy, Bug, just wanted to play, kitty with claws and eyeballs are not a good mix. P.K. is planning to move to Ireland this year. Our plan is to get out together and paint as much as possible. My heart is already sad, but it's all good! She'll remain my friend, always!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

April Showers!!- updated

April is the weirdest month for me! April holds the most friends I know for a month that have a B-Day! I must draw Arians towards me some how. (Added one)

April 2 - Wendy, neighbor/friend
April 3 - Samantha, niece
April 4 - Old (real old) boy friend, Bob
April 5 - Paul, friend and awesome exercize instructor
April 10 - Kristen, neighbor/friend
April 10 - Dave, friend of hubby and mine
April 11 - Tim, husbands best friend and mine
April 14 - Patty, best friend
April 15 - Monique, best friend
April 16 - Aunt Mary, on husbands side
April 19 - Kitty, my other best friend
April 20 - Scott, husband
April 20 - Winnie, mother-in-law
April 26 - Kory, neighbor/friend

Whew, I might have missed someone, ya think?

Busy Finishing!

12"x9" oil on canvas panel - "Laguna Key Hole" in progress

This is one of the other paintings that I liked from the last workshop I took. I made a color study, took pictures and worked on it in the studio. I think I like this process. It fits with my technique. I have a little bit to go. I might re-visit this area again, it was very pretty, and relaxing.

8"x6" oil on canvas panel - "Pearing Up"

This just needs a little more hightlights and then it's done.

5x7" oil on panel - "Laguna Sky"

8"x6" oil on canvas panel - "Grape Scott"

Again, same thing, needs a little more hightlights.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Lovebug

This is my 5 month, almost 6 month old, Bug. I've posted him before. He really thinks he's a dog. He plays fetch with me in the morning while I have my coffee. I throw, what used to look like a mouse, and he returns it right to me, usually jumping onto my lap and dropping it. I grew up with cats and never had one fetch before. He even plays with my dog who's 5 times his size. He's a charmer!