Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"White Egret"

9"x12" - oil on canvas

I did this in pastel in November and thought I'd give it a try in oil paints. I like this oil version much better. I'm really digging painting birds. I'm working on an owl that I'll post soon. He's a hoot!

"You Looking at Me?"

8"x10" - oil on canvas

Thought I'd try my hand at painting a bird. This is a Lesser Goldfinch. I really enjoyed painting the detail on him, the feathers and eye area. I actually used some of my silver paint for the highlight on his beak.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Eggs all in one..."

6"x8" oil on canvas panel

This is the second painting I've done using this birds nest that I found with it's eggs. Fortunately, I took photos of it with the eggs in the nest as I had a few unfortunate egg destruction. From kids poking their fingers into them to my kitty eating one. I think I only have one or two left. You might not be able to see it, but I added silver and copper paint to the delicate interior of the birds nest. I enjoy painting birds nests and know there will be more to come...maybe I'll add a bird with the next one.


8"x6" oil on panel - NFS

I forgot to post this painting I did for my girlfriend Kitty. Her family has a camp in Maine. She's a writer and loves to hear their songs as she sits on the porch writing away during the summer months. I thought it fitting to paint one and present it to her during my visit last October.