Tuesday, September 20, 2011

City the Kitty meets..."City the Kitty"

12"x16" oil on canvas

I painted this one a while back and I just delivered it to his owners last week. Lori Shepler, http://www.lorishepler.com/ is a professional photographer in the LA area who is going to take our family picture by the ocean and figured I'd hand it over when we set the date. Well, with her busy schedule and a busy summer, we finally connected, at least for the delivery of the painting.

She shared with me this photo of him touching the painting. Lori said he kept admiring it and pawed it several times. I think he approves!
City the Kitty has his own fb page...it's fun to see what he gets into and tries to get out of. Of course all captured by his mom Lori. I hope you check his page out, he's very handsome!

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Nice One