Sunday, October 30, 2011


20"x16" oil on canvas

When I started back into painting I was introduced to painting the human portrait. I loved it, but it wasn't coming easy for me. I started to wander and paint fruit, flowers, landscapes, etc. I painted anything to avoid people. Then the animals started, all from a few commission pieces and I have been running with them ever since. I LOVE painting animals and I would have been the first one to admit that I never saw myself painting animals.

Then, my girlfriend lost her husband a year ago. I told her I wanted to paint him when she was ready. Almost a year later she had a fundraiser in his name, there on the table was his photo that I knew I had to paint. I really hoped that I could capture him. I had been so hard on myself with previous portraits that I talked myself out of painting them. In fact, I still have a couple unfinished.

Well, not only was I surprised of the outcome, but I painted him in 6 days. I think the second full day was when it just poured out of me. I also felt this amazing energy when painting him.

Normally the best part of a painting is looking forward to seeing a clients reaction, but knowing that it would be an emotional viewing for my friend I decided to wrap it up and dropped it off for her and her family to open in privacy. She had a different opinion...she wanted me to be there. She had a family dinnter last night and asked if I'd come over after since she had everyone there.

They all loved it! I was glad to be there. I shared that when I first started to paint him I kept seeing a race car behind him. She informed me he LOVED and watched the racecar races. He definately was with me the whole time I painted him. I look forward to the next one!


Mom said...

I think you and I can feel or see things other people cannot. I felt a lot of this in China. Almost like I had been there before but I did not say anything to anyone as I was not sure whst they would think. But I know you would understand as we have talked about this type of thing before. Pharoh is a wonderful portrait. Love it.

amazing canvas collector said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your painting here and you've only done that in just a matter of 6 days. Amazing!

Gina said...

Wow Cheryl--
I am so happy reading this and so glad that you were able to paint such a gift...xoxo