Thursday, March 15, 2012


18"x24" oil on canvas

Another painting of of my buddy Bug, only on a larger canvas. He's a very sociable cat that thinks he's a dog. He keeps me company and a lot of the times lives by his name, a bug! I did a 6x8 a couple of years ago as well. I have one more of him that I've been working on as well. I think three of Bug might be enough?? Or maybe not.


cyndi hilliard said...

You are an amazing artist. What a gift you have. I am so glad I checked out your blog. It brings a warm smile to my face:)

sahil rane said...

Thanxs for sharing with all of us the Incredible post on ur blog . Its really illusive.

Kunal said...

You have a gorgeous, lush blog- and in such a few posts. keep up the good work!